Group multiple custom commands in one shortcut

I have recently discovered the power of custom commands (cc) to control other devices (AVR / TV / projector). I was wondering if it would be possible to group multiple cc’s in one shortcut. eg.

Shortcut A (movies on projector)

cc1) WOL Kodi
cc2) Power Off TV
cc3) Power On projector
cc4) Power On AVR
cc5) Enable HDMI-OUT-2 in AVR. (respecting the order is important, this needs to be sent after cc4)
cc6) Disable HDMI-OUT-1 in AVR. (respecting the order is important, this needs to be sent after cc4)

Shortcut B (power-off)

cc1) Hibernate Kodi
cc2) Power Off AVR
cc3) Power Off TV
cc4) Power Off projector

Shortcut C (Music)

cc1) WOL Kodi
cc2) Power Off TV
cc3) Power Off projector
cc4) Power On AVR

and so on…

Thank you and congratulations for such amazing app

Thank you so much for implementing it in version 10.6.0 :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Just two things to make it not only excellent but perfect:

  1. the possibility of resorting the order of commands in the combined one once already added (if add 5 and then I realize that I missed one that should be in the 2nd position, I need to remove the last 4 ones and start again from that position). This thing is not really a big deal, it does not take that long to do that, but having the resorting possibility would make it amazing for lazy people who tend to miss some steps (like me).

  2. the possibility of adding Yatse commands too… I am particularly interested in the power related commands (“wake on lan”, “hibernate”, “sleep”, etc.), but I don’t know if other kind of Yatse commands would make sense too.

Again, thank you very much. I have already created several of these combined commands.

  1. You can edit and change the command no need to delete all. No plan to add sort, too much work for very little gain :slight_smile:

  2. You just need to create the corresponding custom commands and use them. Every command Yatse sends to Kodi can be created via custom command. CC documentation have all links to Kodi documentation to achieve that easily.

Wow, thanks a lot

  1. I agree with point 1, especially now that I see that commands can be edited (I should have tried :rofl:)

  2. Sorry, I am so used to the HTTP commands that I totally forgot about the “built-in” ones… I have tried and Hibernate() works, but for some reason WakeOnLan() does not. The weird thing is that from the Yatse’s default button, it works (and also from other programs like Unified Remote)… I don’t know if I am doing something wrong because it looks pretty simple, but somehow WoL is not working . This is what I did:

  • new custom command
  • Add from … Media Center
  • Call built-in
  • Name = “WoL Kodi” (without quotes)
  • Build-in command = “WakeOnLan()” (also without quotes - I tripled check the MAC address and tried with the A-F characters in both upper and lower case, but still failed).

Any advise will be more than welcome.

Well yes WOL is obviously different since you want to start the device and so can’t talk to Kodi since Kodi is off :wink:

Please open another feature request to allow WOL as a CustomCommand.

Will do :+1:.
Thanks a lot for your quick answers Tolriq.
Best regards.