Google sync cloud


I re-instalized the app today and now I can’t connect to Google cloud anymore. Time and again , “Error” is on the display. I’ve tried everything. The beta app uninstalled and the normal app installed. And Elsewhere .

Without the mandatory logs as the template you deleted says it’s hard to tell anything :slight_smile:

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Here debug


onConnectionFailed: 16

First time I saw this one :frowning:

Doc says:

public static final int API_UNAVAILABLE

One of the API components you attempted to connect to is not available. The API will not work on this device or for your app or for this particular account, and updating Google Play services will not likely solve the problem.

Constant Value: 16

To resume the doc there’s something wrong on your device or your account but seems not tied to Play Services version, don’t really know what more I can tell :frowning:

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Ok I wanted my phone to be reinsrated anyway
Then I hope the problem doesn’t come back.
Thank you for your help