Google Home Integration

Hey there, I have been trying to set up this google home integration following this guide. But I can not find the insert gradients option mentioned that I will use in text field. So please let me know how I can fix it, because I suspect that guide is outdated.

Found this, also, idk if it is relevant: Google Assistant - Say a phrase with a text ingredient

Does this mean it is no longer supported and that I can just close this topic? Google Assistant changes - IFTTT

In the way it was before yes.

Tolriq himself, wow. Is there no way for me to get this to work? Is there a new guide?

Google was supposed to provide something but they still have not, so not proper solution for now.

Awh, shouldn’t have started my trial IG now.

But, I found this power on button in the Yatse app, why does it not work for my PC? And some of the commands from the voice widget works, btw, just not all :grinning:

Oh, I keep bugging you here, but does Tasker for Yatse still work? I could try that.

Also found these videos. Mission insuccessful?

If it would still have supported variables I think it would be possible. But can you confirm it is no longer possible whatever I do @Tolriq , won’t work?

I don’t think it’s possible, but have not looked into iftt since a long time.

The API and everything on Yatse and plugin works, I don’t know if Google have allowed some applets to support random texts. But if there’s an applet that allows that and can call web url then it will work.

Does Tasker still work then, so I can try that?

Tasker works, but autovoice I don’t know, you need to see with it’s author.

Okay then, thanks for now. Where can I ask the creator of autovoice then?

Maybe I can use these in some easy way?

Is there a free and easy way to do it and make it work? (Tasker is paid, so)

I want to be able to say play <series> <episode>, pause the episode, stop the episode
And basic commands like volume skip and seek
Can I do this by custom commands in the Yatse app and then maybe make it controllable with Google Home? If so, can you please tell me how, so I can try it. You have already been a huge help @Tolriq but if you could help me make this work it would be SO MUCH APPRECIATED.

Can I use my voice to control either of it in some way, like by using google home routines to launch the action from Yatse or smth, would that still work?

I tried tasker, idk what I did wrong, but doesn’t work. Used trial version.

@Tolriq you still monitoring this?

I unfortunately see all the spam yes.

As said for Tasker support you need to ask Tasker support :slight_smile: A simple google search gives their forum.