Go to specific time in video KODI REMOTE

I used to be able to tap on the time of the video in the bottom right and go to a specific time in a video with my Kodi remote. I updated Yatse and I am now no longer to do this. Why was this removed? I’m a paying customer and a feature I used EVERY DAY was removed. Why??? Why???

Thanks for this very nice message, it’s always nice to read so much love. Sometimes I really wonder why I keep maintaining Yatse after all those years for nothing.

Nothing was removed, you can still long press the time bar, press and move the time bar or enable the precise progress bar in the settings.

I used to be able to tap the time and type the time I want. This is no longer available.

After your first message and

I’m not sure you deserve any second of my time. Too bad no one ever taught you respect.

But for the others who will read as explained in previous answer nothing is removed and there’s 3 ways to achieve that …