Global search with keywords in any field

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Maybe this topic should go in “Features Requests”, but this feature could already exists (either in Kodi or Yatse) and I couldn’t find it.

I have a pretty large music library (around 50,000 songs) and Kodi takes several seconds to display all my songs (Yatse is faster however). I would like to be able to do a global search by keywords, but in which the keywords are searched in all fields.
For example, being able to enter: “elvis tender” to obtain “Love me Tender” by “Elvis Presley”.

I know Yatse’s smart filters allow this, but:

  • this forces me to start from the list of songs, which takes a long time to display;
  • from an ergonomic point of view, it takes much longer to input than a keyword search;
  • there are limits: for example, there is no “Artist contains” filter (why ?), so you cannot type “Elvis” to obtain “Elvis Presley”.

If it is confirmed that this functionality does not exist (which would surprise me because I find it a very natural way to search in a large library), can I implement it myself in the form of an add-on (for Kodi and/or Yatse)?

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There’s an addon in Kodi for that

It’s not in Yatse for a reason and won’t be sorry.

Thank you for your quick reply !

I knew about this add-on, but unless I am mistaken, it does not search for keywords in all fields, but in only one field at a time (the title or the artist or the album…). Also, if I’m not mistaken, this is an exact match search, for example “love tender” will not find “love me tender”.

And would it be possible that in smart filters, all fields have the “contains” option?

Thanks again

I do not control or use that addon.

And no some fields are limited for performance reason sorry.

Ok, thank you for your replies.
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