Getting Pro without Gapps and Google Acc on Device

Hey there,
recently i switched to the custom lineage OS. I decided to lock out google from my Device as far as I could, so no Gapps where installed. Therefore I do not have the option to add an Google Acc to my device. Is there any way to get a valid licence for my device via the PayPal Option?
Would the legacy unlocker work without Gapps, and can i buy it somewhere other than in the PlayStore?

Licences purchased from Google only works with Google as their are managed / provided / verified by Google.

Yatse provides a special Paypal unlocker that can be registered for any email account set as phone account, but we do not provide migration from Google licences and you’d need to purchase a new one. (

I’m also in this situation. I can install the free version of Yatse using Yalp, but I don’t think I can install the paid version since I’ve no Google account registered on the phone and only minimal Google Play Services as provided by Open GApps.

I’m investigating using the PayPal unlocker. Can you clarify what you mean by “email account set as phone account” here? I’m guessing you mean the email associated with a Google Play account, in which case it probably won’t work as I’ve not got this on the phone, but perhaps you mean something else?

Any email that you can receive mails on :slight_smile:

Then having that account defined at OS level, like creating an IMAP account without sync.

Thanks… I should also check then, if I pick an email address which doesn’t work for whatever reason, can I change it?

(I’m not sure what counts as “OS level”, but presumably not just an email address which my mail app will receive on, something listed in the “Accounts” section in the settings for Android 9)

You can’t change the email once the unlocker is downloaded, it’s activated since it means the email is valid since you received it :slight_smile:

And yes OS account means defined is OS settings and not just inside some obscure email client.

Ok, so tried this, paid, and got an email. I opened the email, clicked the download link, and installed the apk. This bit worked. The payment has gone through.

However, although Yatse says the unlocker is installed, it says there is a problem verifying the licence, so it hasn’t completely worked. I guess the email address I used doesn’t match what it’s finding in my accounts. (I have a few OS-configured accounts, but none of them explicitly mail accounts, not sure if that matters but it might do.)

So the email is valid because I received it as you say, but that’s apparently not enough, and also it doesn’t stop the unlocker payment from being taken before that is checked.

Can I get the payment returned (transaction ID ends with E1713545D), and try again? If so, what does an account need to qualify as having an email address?

Or should I resolve this another way?

Thanks for your help!

You need to have that exact email address configured as an account on the device.

I thought that the website and FAQ and my previous answer was clear enough.

Add that email as an account, if your server support IMAP then add that and disable sync.

Ok, now I see what you meant about IMAP: I need to add a (dummy) IMAP account as an OS account. This works, so long as the server can be connected to, and the email associated with the account matches what the unlocker expects. I find it doesn’t have to correspond to the actual email address associated with the IMAP or SMTP servers configured, just the one you tell Android is associated with the account. And obviously if it’s fake, I should disable email syncing.

I’ll find out, but perhaps you know in advance: will the Yatse unlocker stop working if I later delete this account?

Removing the account will disable the licence.