Genre Icons for videos/music


this is more of a question than technical support. I remember a while back it was possible to add your own Genre Icons to files/genre/<video/music> on your Storage in .jpg format. These would show in Yatse accordingly. I have had that working a long time but at some point this stopped working which I could see on all my Android Devices.

Did that feature got removed? I didn’t see anything in the Changelogs or in the Forums here. However I’m also unable to find the Wiki Page related to this, I’m sure this was documented before. Could someone shed some light on this?

It was removed in 9.5.0 as nearly not used, having performance impact and with Google completely breaking files access in Q and R, this would have stopped working correctly at some point or being too complex to workaround.

But Yatse already support genre images returned by Kodi API, it’s just that Kodi does not return those for the moment, if one day it’s fixed on Kodi side it will magically work :slight_smile:

Ah thanks, guess I must have missed that in the changelog. That solves the mystery :slight_smile:
Have a nice weekend.