Folder.jpg as music folder icon

I am very happy with Yatse!

Would it be possible to show folder.jpg and/or cover.jpg in a music folder as icon of that folder? When I browse my music collection as files I see the icons integrated in mp3s but not these folder icons. Thanks for reading!

As soon as Kodi will properly return those as the images for the folders as it should it will be displayed :slight_smile:

I can’t send millions of request to try to find images in sub folders and display them it would be awfully slow and could even kill Kodi.

Thanks for the reaction :slightly_smiling_face:. In Kodi itself I can see these folder icons as folder images and it goes just as fast as browsing through add-ons or YouTube videos . Maybe I should use the audio library for these pictures but it has more disadvantages for me. Kodi itself handles folder.jpg pictures very well.

Yes they just don’t return them to JSON consumer for whatever reason.

Music library have only advantages if you use Kodi 18 and have proper tags, Dave have made some nice work.