File mode streaming bug?

Yatse streaming to another raspberry pi, both using osmc Leia.
Used file mode.
Playlist goes weird and after a few songs stops playing, when I unlock phone it then starts playing another song but if I leave it a longer time and unlock phone the playlist will be gone.

I stopped log after music stopped playing for about a minute, I unlocked phone and stopped log then it started playing the next song. (100.3 KB)

There’s 2 different things here.

  1. A display bug that will be fixed on next release.
  2. Your samsung devices that does not respect wakelocks and drop network connection without even warning the app.

See for how to stop Samsung doing that for Yatse.

Yatse was already set to not put sleep.
I turned adaptive battery off as well but problem still happens so I’m using upnp now which stores the playlist in kodi instead of phone.

Try to see Wifi option too to not put wifi off / sleep when screen off.

And eventually try to fully disable doze. This is not normal and I know usually people no more have issues after following (Check the part too)