Favorite Songs no longer appear w/ Emby Beta Server

Issue description: Running version beta of the emby server, and I’ve noticed that my favorite songs are no longer syncing to yatse on my OnePlus 8T running Android 11. Not sure if it was the latest beta or a previous version that caused this. I have confirmed that the songs are still marked as favorite on my server.

Please let me know if there is any other info you would need from me.

Logs: debug-20210222_093441.zip (518.9 KB)

Screenshots: N/A

Additional information: N/A

From the logs you have no items marked as favorites only items marked as likes.

And I can’t find anything related to that in API docs / changes so sounds like a bug somewhere on Emby side.

Will ask on their forum if the API have changed and likes replace favorites but I doubt it’s that.

Thanks - I haven’t made any changes to how I’ve ‘favorited’ the songs (just pressing the little heart next to the song on the emby web interface), so sounds like you are right that it’s most likely a bug on their end.

A bug or undocumented change.

Please join Emby 4.6 API change? - Developer API - Emby Community to give more details about your actions to Emby devs.

If you do not there’s nothing I can do on Yatse side.

sorry about missing your messages. I just commented in the thread.

No problem, that why I pinged :slight_smile:

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Solved on Emby server side.

Thanks so much for working through with them!