Extend Host color to more items/controls

Because I manage multiple Kodi hosts via Yatse, I find the host’s color thing extremely useful. The main screen (aka “Remote” section) already shows the 4 cursor directions with the host’s configured color, but there are other screens/sections that would benefit of using that color instead of the default cyan.
Items like
Video/Song progress bar
Custom commands button menu:

  • the + icon for adding new custom commands
  • the activator control for “showing hidden” custom commands

Main menu:

  • the active section (e.g. if the “Movies” section is the active one, right now is shown in cyan instead of the host’s color).

Each section with multiple tabs: the selected tab right now is shown in cyan. E.g:

  • PVR section has “TV channels”, “Radio channels”… and the active one is shown in cyan; furthermore, the “TV channels” shows a progress bar for each TV channel in cyan too.
  • in addition to the tabs, the Movies/TV Shows sections have the “watched” icon which is shown in cyan, as well as progress bars for each movie.

There may be other items/controls that I have not thought of that could also benefit of using the host’s color. This host’s color would only be used for hosts’ related things, but common things (e.g. general settings) could/should remain in cyan.

If it’s too much, at least one type of item/control on each screen/section would help a lot.

Thank you for considering.

Just enable the option to show provider icon.

Code override of the primary colors with current Google library is a pain.

Wow, that was a quick response.

I didn’t even know this option existed :rofl:.

Still, when in the “now playing” screen or when opening the “custom commands” lateral window, both the host name and the host icon are not visible.
Would it be possible to change something on those screens? (e.g. the color the progress bar of the “now playing” screen and the two mentioned controls of the “custom command” menu)

Nevertheless, thanks a lot

Those screen are accessible from screens that shows the icon. Sorry as said it’s a pain no plans for that.