Exported Playlists Import into Wrong Host

Issue description: I have 2 phones where I want to mirror the settings, hosts, playlists, etc. from one to the other. Specifically, I have some smart/dynamic playlists on one phone that I want to add to my second phone.

What I was originally doing was using the cloud save to export the hosts, settings, playlists, etc. from one phone, then using the same account, import them to the second phone.

What I noticed however is that all the playlists imported into one single host on the new phone, rather than each playlist importing into separate hosts, as they originally were on phone 1.

I then figured that perhaps this was a cloud export/import issue, and I did the local export/import settings option. Same thing happened.

Logs: Here is the settings export file for the local export on phone 1
KG-yatsesettings.yas (33.2 KB)

Here is the log of importing the above settings file into phone 2:
debug-20211207_180236.zip (1.1 MB)

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.


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I need the yas file password to be able to repro as it’s encrypted, you can send it by PM.

But from the logs it seems you have 2 hosts with the same uniqueId leading to the issue, I have no idea how you reached that state. Maybe there will be some clues in the yas file.

Thanks, I just PMed you the password

Ok so yes both your Emby have the same unique ID :frowning: This should never happen.

How did you create the second one ? I need to fix the issue at that point.

To fix you need to use the second device.

  1. remove all
  2. Import all hosts
  3. Remove both Emby and add them again they will now have different ids.
  4. Export the playlists on first device
  5. Select one host on the other device and import only playlist it will ask confirmation as can’t match the hosts. Then delete the unwanted, do again with the other host.
  6. Backup all,
  7. restore on first device.

Thanks - I will try that. The issue could be related to the fact that the emby hosts are actually the same host, it’s just that I have one host logged in as User1 and one host logged in as User2.

In terms of creating the hosts, I used the normal wizard where I entered in the web address of the host, and then used the separate login credentials.

Before I follow your steps, is that the reason that the 2 hosts have the same Unique ID?

No the I’d is fully randomly generated and in theory can’t clash.

Are you sure you did not export /import or things like that ?

To be honest, I created them so long ago, I can’t remember how I did it. I’ll set them up fresh following your instructions as soon as I’m home from work and will report back. Thanks!

Just want to confirm that your suggested steps fixed the issue. Thanks!

Well yes I was sure of the fix, but I’d love to know how you reached that impossible state :frowning:

Let’s hope it was a bug in a very old version of Yatse and that it can’t happen again.