Error yatse matrix helper unable to resolv shared url

Hi, Please help

rpi4 + libreelec+ kodi matrix all work without a problem till 2 days ago.

i share with yatse youtube links on kodi that work without a problem , 2 days ago stop working, in my configuration nothing change that i am aware.

Any help will be apreciated.

Thank you

Additional information:
kodi.log (297.1 KB)
debug.log (100.1 KB)

The logs does not show any attemps to share any url neither in Yatse or Kodi.

Please provide logs when reproducing the issue and be sure to have the plugin debug mode enabled in Kodi.

kodi.log (276.8 KB)

this is another kodi log

Some pictures with error

It seems that after close the yatse log nothing happened, the log did not get generate for this session.

and a debug from another sesion
debug.log (36.9 KB)

Ok so Kodi logs have the error, but I do not understand what’s going on.

I can repro here only on Kodi 19 and only just after a restart of Kodi, after each share does work correctly.

Can you confirm that if you do not close Kodi it works on the further tries.

For me is not working on future tries.

I reinstall the plugin nothing work.

For YouTube you can disable the addon it will still work.

Ok found the issue it’s fixed in the last version of the addon.

Thank you, its working again.

Hello Tolriq,

I have the same issue ! When I share a media from YouTube or Dailymotion… It works perfectly only one time. All the next shares don’t work… I’ll send logs later, I’m not at home.

Congrats for Yatse, the best application for Kodi since the beginning!