Error streaming upnp to samsung tv

Issue description:
I have a jellyfin server behind a reverse proxy (caddy2) that I use as a host in yatse. I’m also trying out bubbleupnp in combination with yatse.

When I try to cast anything to my samsung tv it will say “file not supported” (in dutch). However when I cast via the Jellyfin app, bubbleupnp app or when I set the host in yatse to the local ip of my server (not the reverse proxy), it works (not the transcoding however).

I guess there is something wrong with my host configuration in Yatse but I don’t know what because it says that “all tests passed”

In the logs I found something about an error with CurrentTransportStatus

Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile:

debug.log (188.8 KB)

You are using let’s encrypt certificates, they now requires a new list of root certs for validation and your TV probably just don’t have them so https communication fails.

I tried it on a different Samsung tv (should I provide extra logs?) but there I can access the web interface of Jellyfin via the built-in webbrowser. So it shouldn’t be because of the certificates right?

Webbrowser embeds cert roots, their upnp client I doubt (actually I know but you don’t believe me :p)

Add the host without https and see that it works (else it’s a dns issue)

I do believe you, it’s just I’m fairly new to this so I’d like to know how it works :sweat_smile:

I’ll try it, thanks!