Error Casting Local Images

Issue description:
When I try to cast a local image file from my phone to my Chromecast the file name keeps flashing and restarting the load bar on my screen until I stop the casting. I’ve tried this on an android box with Chromecast built in, a regular Chromecast, a 4k Chromecast, and even just to the nest hub, but all have the same problem. I get a message saying “Problem Starting Media. Does your player support the file format”. I’ve used this feature in the past so I’m not sure what has changed to stop it now.
Local video files still cast without trouble, it’s just the image files that aren’t working.

Logs: (38.5 KB)

Hum looks like Google updated their code will have to investigate more :frowning:

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Got users reporting that another maybe related Chromecast issue was fixed recently by Google and just require a restart of the Chromecast.

Maybe this is fixed too can you try?

I just restarted my android box, my Chromecast, and nest hub, and it’s still having the same troubles. Videos will cast without problems but images will just keep reloading themselves without displaying

Works on my shield, will have to try to find where I hide my old Chromecast :frowning: Thanks for the confirmation.

I feel like such an idiot, and I’d like to apologise for wasting your time. As far as I can tell it was a storage access security problem because I pulled out my old phone which is working fine. Something must have gone wrong when my Note20 Ultra 5G updated to android 13. After resetting the storage access settings it’s working fine. I didn’t think to try this earlier because the videos would still cast without trouble. Sorry and thanks for trying to help

Thanks for the info, but it should have been logged :frowning:

Can you show me what you toggled / did to fix the issue on your side so I can try to reproduce and at least have proper logs?

I force stopped the app, cleared the cache, cleared the data, removed the permissions (music and audio, photos and videos, and notifications), then uninstalled and reinstalled the app

Ok thanks so yes maybe a strange bug during OS update then nothing I can really reproduce :frowning: