Error "Can't play this link"


I’m not putting any logs or etc if you need me to i will gladly try and figure it out how to extract and put them here.

I’ve a Pixel XL (but this problem is happening since i got nexus 6) or before that. I don’t have anything fancy in the back and i use “MX Player” to watch my offline videos (but this also happens with other video players).

I download a bunch of videos to my phone so i can watch whilst i commute but everytime i try to download a big file or more than a few Megabytes some of the old files become (what i think) corrupted. The file is there, but i can’t play, Yatse says is downloaded but if i try to play it won’t. I don’t think i’m the only one with this problem, as this is happening for years now but i’m starting to get stressed (again…).

Yelp? What you need from me? Or how to fix this issue in android.


I know this is quite hard to believe but there’s no known bugs in Yatse :wink:

So there’s always the need for logs :slight_smile:

Corruption is not possible unless you have a storage issue, since multiple phones let’s forget that for now.
2 only possible reasons:

  • Something delete the file in Yatse cache like all the so called application optimizer
  • Kodi returns different data and Yatse can’t match the files.

In both cases only logs can tell.

Thank you Tolriq, i imagine the same. I’m not a “noob” when it comes to IT stuff as i’m a developer and i know my away around the File system and how it works. It’s deffo not the storage because it happens way to many times crossing devices, i thought it could be ES Explorer app with the bunch of “crap” that it has been installing and “optimising” my storage. Which i removed months ago.

It was sort of “okayish” till two days ago which i found a lot of “missing files” when managing my offline media using Yatse, removing them would not make them disappear i then selected to remove all files and clear cache, they have disappeared but the missing file became again a real problem, when before it would fail when i got like 10 tv shows files, now it is failing just after a couple of hours…

I re-downloaded the files, i didn’t try to watch any for now, but as soon as the problem appears i will try and grab the logs for you.

Thank you.

Just a heads up it has been stable till now the error didn’t appear, but i didn’t try to download a movie or to many tv shows, this usually happens when i download to many things… is like some disk fragmentation created maybe by my device ?

Well will give more news… when it actually happens.

As I said 90% chance it’s something that clean app cache for some reasons.

Just need to find what, either other tools or your OS that is way too conservative and can probably be tuned.

Without logs to confirm that the issue is really file gone missing it’s impossible to say more.