Episodes in progress do not appear on cards

Good morning, it’s been a while since the card for episodes/movies in progress, those I stopped watching before I finished watching until the end on Yatse, I would like to know how to fix this, is it possible?
debug-20230614_075223.zip (299.4 KB)

Lack a lot of details …

Query: SELECT tv_episodes._id, tv_episodes.updated_at, tv_episodes.host_id, tv_episodes.external_id, tv_episodes.external_data, tv_episodes.audio_channels, tv_episodes.audio_codec, tv_episodes.audio_languages, tv_episodes.date_added, tv_episodes.directors, tv_episodes.episode, tv_episodes.episode_special, tv_episodes.fanart, tv_episodes.file, tv_episodes.first_aired, tv_episodes.last_played, tv_episodes.offline_status, tv_episodes.original_title, tv_episodes.play_count, tv_episodes.plot, tv_episodes.rating, tv_episodes.resume_point, tv_episodes.runtime, tv_episodes.season, tv_episodes.season_special, tv_episodes.sort_title, tv_episodes.subtitles_languages, tv_episodes.tagline, tv_episodes.thumbnail, tv_episodes.title, tv_episodes.tv_show_id, tv_episodes.video_3d, tv_episodes.video_aspect, tv_episodes.video_codec, tv_episodes.video_height, tv_episodes.video_width, tv_episodes.votes, tv_episodes.writers, tv_episodes.user_rating, tv_episodes.is_favorite, tv_episodes.source_library, tv_episodes.remote_play, tv_episodes.imdb_id,tv_shows._id, tv_shows.updated_at, tv_shows.host_id, tv_shows.external_id, tv_shows.external_data, tv_shows.banner, tv_shows.date_added, tv_shows.episodes, tv_shows.episodes_watched, tv_shows.fanart, tv_shows.file, tv_shows.genres, tv_shows.imdb_id, tv_shows.last_played, tv_shows.mpaa, tv_shows.offline_status, tv_shows.original_title, tv_shows.play_count, tv_shows.plot, tv_shows.premiered, tv_shows.rating, tv_shows.seasons, tv_shows.seasons_watched, tv_shows.sort_title, tv_shows.studios, tv_shows.tagline, tv_shows.tags, tv_shows.thumbnail, tv_shows.title, tv_shows.year, tv_shows.user_rating, tv_shows.is_favorite, tv_shows.source_library FROM tv_shows INNER JOIN (SELECT *, MIN(tv_episodes.season * 10000 + tv_episodes.episode) FROM tv_episodes WHERE tv_episodes.play_count = 0 AND tv_episodes.season > 0 AND host_id = 2 GROUP BY tv_episodes.tv_show_id) AS tv_episodes ON tv_episodes.tv_show_id = tv_shows._id WHERE tv_shows.episodes_watched = 0 AND tv_shows.play_count = 0 AND tv_shows.last_played IS NULL AND tv_shows.host_id = 2 ORDER BY (SUBSTR(tv_episodes._id * 06902295429751279290, LENGTH(tv_episodes._id) + 2)) LIMIT 10 (‘’) [0 in 7.92ms (RAW)]

According to the logs you have none so the row is not displayed.

Here’s the problem, there are episodes that I stopped halfway through, if I go “manually” to the section where this series is, I have the option to continue where I left off, however, the section with episodes in progress does not appear… I would like guidance on how to proceed to produce a more suitable log for you, how do I do it?

Provide screenshots / video of your configuration. Of course be sure that the row is not hidden .

Ok, below is the link to a new debug and a video:


The episode is marked as watched so it’s not visible on the continue rows this is normal and by design.

Thank you, now that you commented, I realized my incompetence, in fact it is not related to Yatse, thank you very much for your time, sorry for the inconvenience and thank you.