Episode thumbs vs posters

I have a tv series where individual episodes have both an assiciated thumb and poster. Everything displays perfectly fine in Kodi. In Yatse, the images for the episode thumbnails are showing a cropped version of the poster artwork instead of the thumb artwork. Episodes without a poster show the appropriate thumb as expected.

Is there a setting in Yatse I need to set to get it to use the appropriate thumb artwork for thumbnails?

Please fill the template that is here to avoid me asking always the same details.

I need the logs during sync and screenshots to see what you mean exactly and if possible what Kodi shows.

Here is my log during a sync: [Support] Yatse logs - 20240601_170712 - Google Drive

Here is what Yatse gives me for thumbs : Yatse Screenshot.jpg - Google Drive

Here is what Kodi gives me for thumbs:

Kodi is displaying the correct thumb images. Yatse is displayed a cropped version of the poster image instead.

Thanks, seems the priority selector used was the movie one, will be fixed in next release.

Thanks. I know it’s an edge use case having posters associated with episodes, but for some movie-centric series it works well for me. I appreciate you addressing into it.