EPG button in pilot mode

Hi, i.m using yatse for long time, and 99% is for pvr. I want to add one button extra for guide epg for one click option to run epg. Is it possible?

Can you please try to make a more detailed request? I have absolutely no idea what you are asking for.

Hmm, im wondering is it possible to add extra/custom button to pilot mode when pvr is enabled, that can be configure as epg guide.

Now to see epg guide i must click OK, then few times click right and choose guide and confirm by OK, this option should be as one click option on pilot. Epg guide view should open in tv not in yatse.

Sorry, i hope now you understand what im mean :slight_smile:

If you know the Kodi command then you can use Custom Commands in Yatse and assign the button to a button in the remote view.