Empty Direcory on an external USB drive

Hello, and thanks for all provided assistance.

I am running a Pendoo X11pro, which is running Kodi 19.1. I have Yatse installed on the Pendoo and on my Pixel 3XL phone.

I have two “My Passport” USB external hard drives, a clone of each other.

Lets call them drive A and B.

With drive A installed, the Pendoo file manager see all the media on the drive. Likewise, Kodi using the included remote sees all the media. Lastly, Yatse on my phone sees all the media.

Now I switch out the two hard drives, B is now connected. The Pendoo file manager still sees all the media, as does Kodi using the remote. But Yatse, while showing the folder, upon selecting the same folder it says “Empty Directory”

Any idea why Yatse (and only Yatse) can’t see the media on my second USB drive?

You forget the logs to be sure, but it’s documented in the FAQ.

Kodi does not allow access to usb hard drive by default, you need to have a proper source defined, each drive is usually mounted with a different name hence one working has have a source, the other not.

I explained in my opening post that Kodi DOES see the contents of both drives, therefore both drives ARE being mounted by Kodi. It is only Yatse that can’t see the contents of my second drive, which I called ‘B’. If Kodi could only see the ‘A’ drive, I would have known it was a mounting issue.

Well if you had taken time to actually read what I wrote thing would be easier :slight_smile:

As said this is covered in the FAQ.

Your issue is about Kodi sources, Kodi does not allow access to auto mounted drives via it’s APi without a source defined.

I also asked for logs …

So instead of trying to explain me life, read properly :slight_smile:

sources.xml - Official Kodi Wiki for allowsharing.

In your opening reply, you said:

Kodi does not allow access to usb hard drive by default,

You left off what you added in your second reply: "via it’s APi "

I’m not a mind reader. As I had stated (3 times now), Kodi does indeed allow access to USB hard drives by default, as I can clearly access my second hard drive from the Kodi interface file manager. So if my problem with Yatse not also accessing the files due to an API issue, I can understand that. You just misled me by saying categorically that Kodi doesn’t allow access to USB hard drives without defining a source.

As for the FAQ, I’m assuming (since you didn’t bother to point me to the relevant FAQ entry) thast you are referring to this:

You just need to add a proper source inside Kodi so that it appears inside Yatse to bypass this Kodi limitation.

Well, it would be very nice if the FAQ explained exactly how to do this step.

And as for logs, I don’t find in the FAQ how to obtain any logs to include them

I always love your kind, always arguing while still not reading and ignoring everything :slight_smile:

  1. When you log on this forum it explains where to post, if you had read that you’d have the template that explains that logs are mandatory and how to get them.
  2. As written Kodi does not allow access. (Very different from does not have access, even a toddler understand the difference) Yatse have no access, Kodi does not allow access, there’s no need to add from API as 99% of users have no idea what API means. But understand simple verbs. (Specially when you said already that only Yatse have no access…)
  3. The FAQ does not allow direct linking to articles, but is linked from the app and here and since you found the article is I guess clear enough for your to find the information, and magic of that link discover all the other information for all your other possible issues.
  4. You ask how to create the sources saying I don’t say. But previous message contains: sources.xml - Official Kodi Wiki for allowsharing. That guess what have your answer (And it’s obviously Kodi support :wink: )
  5. Strangely that FAQ page have in big red : If you still have problems or do not understand this FAQ then please contact support with details and Debug logs.
  6. Strangely the root link of the FAQ have an interesting: How to get efficient support when having issues

So as said, strop trying to look smart, you don’t. Start reading