Emby Reverse Playlist Sync

Hi - I’ve done some searching and haven’t seen this either requested or implemented, so apologies if I missed it.

I noticed on a recent version that my favorite songs in yatse were updated as favorites in emby, which is awesome, and that got me thinking - I have a bunch of smart playlists in yatse for music, is it possible to have a static version of those playlists dynamically added to emby when there is a library refresh (or through whatever mechanism the favorites are updated) in yatse?

This way when I am forced to use a player that doesn’t support yatse, and instead have to use emby directly (like my wife’s iphone), I would still have access to the various playlists that I have created through yatse (since emby doesn’t natively support smart playlists).

Not sure if that is even possible, and admittedly this is a pretty edge case, but figured I would ask regardless.

Thanks for your consideration.

Favorites where synced since the start they just fixed a server part later on their side :slight_smile:

About your request sorry this is not possible and not planned. Sync of normal playlist will occurs at some point but not smart playlist this won’t give proper results like sorted by random :wink:

Fair enough, thanks!