Emby: no albums listed under artists

Issue description:
using emby, I can see all my albums and artists, however on the artist page, his albums are not shown
It’s the same for all artists

[Support] Yatse logs.zip (2.1 KB)

Additional information:

Sometimes Emby mix up artist and compilation artist, please by checking the Show guest appearance in the filter button top right.

If you are sure that your data is correct then I’ll need an access to your server to see what’s going on.

Hi, checking the “show guest appearance” in the filter does not resolve the issue, the albums still don’t show.

I guess the data is correct, the albums show with the emby client and within Kodi.
I send you the acces to the sever in a pm.

Thank you very much!

I had a problem with my emby library, after rebuilding it, it’s working as expected. Thanks for your help.