Emby connection

Hey everybody,

My problem:

I installed emby on my Synology DS218+ with no problems. I created an account in emby and import media files. Now, i want to watch with Yatse on my Android device. The connection works pretty good, but if i stopped watching, i cannot resume watching at the same point.

Can anybody help me?!

Thanks a lot in advance.


As always:

And more details as cannot is not very clear :slight_smile: No button, starting from start? What player? …

@Elindir ?? Without more details and feedback there’s nothing I can do :slight_smile:

Hey Tolriq,

i’m sorry for my late response, too much work -,-
debug-20180810_130556.zip (11.9 KB)

Here is the debugfile…
I start the movie, series or whatever watching with mx player on my mobile device. Then I stopped playing with the pause button. then i switch back to the main page and at the bottom i have the line "A video is streaming - Control from external player".
i press the “stop” button and close the app. If i open it again, there is no resume point for the series/movie.

I hope, now it is clear :wink:

Thanks a lot.

Thanks for the details and logs :slight_smile:

There was a stupid typo in code, unfortunately next release is already released, so fix will have to wait for the release after :wink:

Finally did pushed a 8.5.5a version to fix another issue, so the fix is in prod.

Thanks for fixing the bug :wink: and quick response. You do a great job