Download media to Android Download folder

Hi, I am using Yatse since several years now and I love it. Before Android 10 I used to use Yatse’s offline media option to DL songs to my phone and to listen to them while not at home with my phone’s audio player. Since Android 10, I believe I can’t do that anymore before of folder restrictions.

However, in the update 10.8.5 I saw this :

  • Added: Support to download media to Android Downloads folder. (Those files are not fully integrated as normal offline mode and are just downloaded).

I don’t understand how tu use it in the app. Can you help me ?
Best regards

Just check the setting and the files will be downloaded to your download folder.(Not yet working on Android 12).

But you can still use Yatse as an audio player to play those files are any time.

Well I checked the option but the offline files are still downloaded in /Android/data/com.yatse…
What bothers me is that in Yatse I can’t see my local files (ie those in my music directory) and the offline DL files in the same interface.

For proper Yatse logs

You may need to restart Yatse and cancel the queue (And be sure to be on last Yatse version)

For the rest, you need to thanks Google that have decided to remove functions in the name of “security” but refused any attempt to have them add the necessary API to sill be able to provide such kind of functions easily;

Here are the logs.
By quickly browsing the log file I also noticed the song is not added to the Android media store :frowning: (16.8 KB)

Are you sure that you click on Save to Downloads folder ? It’s actually not a setting sorry for the wrong term writing from phone.

And yes starting with 10 Yatse can no more add to MediaStore depending on manufacturer it works sometimes so I left the option and try, but at 90% it fails.

Ok, my bad, I didn’t see the new option to DL to folder. That app is truly amazing ! Sorry for wasting your time, I feel really stupid.
Keep up the good work !