Don't pirate yatse/emulate billing. Dev drm is too good for you | Cast to local device from jellyfin server

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve emulated billing for quite some time.
The casting to local device feature is seemingly only available for Kodi servers, am I wrong here? I use this feature a lot as my server is headless and do not ever intend to use the Kodi server to play media, but rather cast/stream it to a remote device like a Chromecast and my phone. I’ve recently switched to jellyfin because as you can well imagine it fits my needs better, it can transcode and my server performs well when transcoding. :slight_smile:
Has this feature not been added because of a current limitation of the software (emby/jellyfin) or has Tolriq not had the time to implement this?

Yatse has ALWAYS been a really amazing client and for that I’m willing to purchase the unlocker if this feature is added. Thanks for reading and thank you very much for yatse!

This is already present and just to be clear, no one believe people saying I’ll be purchasing if … :wink:

But admitting you pirate here asking for something is quite fun considering all the messages about the fact that Yatse is free without ads and barely survive with the one who pays. You probably don’t really enjoy it or do not think that 7 years of my work worth the small fee :wink:

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Even with a clean install of the app and the purchase purged the option is still absent in the current beta version. Just providing feedback here. Just to be clear I don’t have any standing ground, but I will say this you won’t get anymore customers/support with that outlook. People will do what they want and it’s up to the developer to convince them otherwise. The unlocker currently doesn’t do enough for me to justify a purchase. I know my word doesn’t mean anything to you, but I doubt other people wouldn’t want this feature to be present. Have a good day.

Yes I give too much for free and to the pirate where I do not block too many things :wink:
It’s clear that 7 years of work on the best app without any real competitor does not worth paying.

The feature is present and working for real paying users. Pirates are detected and many things are blocked. Maybe I should block more seeing that kind of attitude.

Of course you could have post a support request with logs so I could help, but should I help someone who actually don’t care about others and think stealing from someone then asking for help is normal?

BTW options are the exact same for all media centers, so you are clearly doing something wrong, nothing is never hidden…

This thread has derailed, so this will be the last I post here.
Thank you for being upfront and transparent on this topic. You may think my intentions do not align, but believe it or not I just want to stream my media.

Maybe I should block more seeing that kind of attitude

Do it! I’d like to see you make more money. You deserve it!

others and think stealing from someone then asking for help is normal?

Only if you care enough for $4 and to gain reputation (although that doesn’t really matter because we’ll monopoly…).
Thanks for supporting the app for this long. I realise it’s a difficult endeavor. I look forward to purchasing the unlocker.

As said 3 times now, the feature is here since day 1, it would be absurd to have support for Plex/Emby/Jellyfin without a way to play locally…

Money is what allows the app to keep being the best but it’s unrelated to this thread, you can’t come somewhere and say hey I steal from you but can you please … This is absurd and disrespectful :wink: Either try to not get caught and don’t tell or don’t ask.

How’s that for disrespect you winking fool xD
I’d expect you’d have me blacklisted or something by now xD. If I’ve got a legitimate issue I’ll post it in the support forum… thanks. :wink:

Private feedback given. I’d love to leave an updated public review on GP if that’s at all possible…

You need to leave beta to leave public ratings, it’s quite strange but Google rules.

And joining beta after will remove it :wink:

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