Does your Start page work?


Since the last update of Yatse, i notice that the Start page does not work, when i start Yatse, it’s always the “Remote” page, whatever option chosen in the interface preferences.
Do you also have the same issue ?
I have the latest version of Yatse, logs are attached.

Thanks in advance for your help (3.3 KB)

Yes on some devices there’s a race condition but your logs are strange I do not see what it’s supposed to be ;(

Can you try to gather longer logs? And telling me the configured page for those.

How can i do to get the logs because i have to activate them from the start.

What i did is

  • Activating logs
  • Close the app
  • Open the app
  • Stop logs gathering

What’s wrong with that?

Nothing but the logs does not match the known issue, so do it again with more close and force close before stopping them.

I did 3 close and open, i hope those logs will be useful.
I put also a screenshot of my start page preferences. It’s in french, but you can see it’s set on “Films”.
Best regards, (4.3 KB)

Ok it’s the same issue will be fixed for next release.

Thanks a lot for your support