Display Search Results Music Artists on Kodi Android TV with Yatse Voice Control


when i say “play Pink Floyd” over Voice Control on Yatsi it starts to Play an Album on my Kodi on Android TV Box. Fine.
But when i say Seach Pink Floyd its only show the Search Results for Albums in Yatse on my Phone (Samsung S7).
I would like to get the Results for the Search on Kodi on my Android TV?

Kind reguards Franki

Kodi does not really have this feature built it and accessible via JSON.

It would require to rely on unreliable Kodi addons.

For me to understand. It’s possible to send a cmomand something to play to Kodi but not a search Command?
Because i want to to be integrated with Google Home or Amazon Alexa to Auto Voice and Tasker. Do you have an Solution for that?

As I said Kodi does not have this function natively. (And controlling a list of hundreds of result by voice would not be fun).

You can probably find a way to call the universal search addon via JSON from tasker and hope that is does what you want.