Display multiple hosts

Currently to switch between hosts you must expand the hosts list, click on “manage hosts”, then select one from a list.
Switching hosts would be a bit quicker if it displayed multiple hosts (up to 5?) in addition to the “manage hosts” option? It seems there is plenty of vertical space to display more than just a single host.
Hope this makes sense. Wish I could include a screenshot, just can’t figure out how to drag/drop or paste within Android.

Cheers. Thanks for the quality app.

The hosts are displayed above the manage host button already :slight_smile:

As always logs + screenshots please.

True, but it only lists a single host (+ local). To switch between hosts you must tap “manage hosts” every time.
Ultimately it’s an extra tap when flipping between systems, so not a huge deal. Logs sent.

Lol absolutely not :slight_smile:

It displays all hosts but the current one, as there’s no point to switch to the one you already are connected to :wink:

To switch host you need to tap on the host that’s all.

Gotcha, I totally missed that. Thanks.