Display and Filter Options Sort Order

I would like to have a sort order of date added in the general movies view but then have a sort order of year in the movie collection view. Is it possible to set this up, it seems I have to keep changing the sort all the time?


The sort is saved except when you enter a collection then by default it’s year so kinda exactly what you want.

What is the issue, what are you seeing, where are the mandatory logs from the template you deleted ? :slight_smile:

So this standard install and such a great plugin I’ve just bought the licence.

So looking at the Movies Tab I click Display and filter option and select Sort “Date Added”… Then back out of that and scroll across to Sets, drill into a Set and its also sorted by “Date Added”… so I change that to “Year”. Back out of that and now Movies Tab is sorted by “Year”

So the Sort method in Sets and Movies are using the same sort, so my question is, is it possible to have them different?

Thanks in advance

As said this should be the default behavior, but since you again did not provided the asked logs I needed to loose time trying to reproduce and figure out your settings to reproduce the issue that will be fixed in next release. (Movie set are defaulted to year descending) and no there won’t be a setting to change that value sorry.