Disable news on startup

Option for disabling update news at startup.

There’s no such option for a reason, it reduce support by a lot and increase contact by a lot after patches.

You can disable automatic update on Play Store for Yatse if I provide too frequent free new features and fixes and update when you feel it’s time.

Could you at least add some better “hide” button, than the left upper corner? For the 21:9 display, it is unreachable by one hand. For example “slide/back” option or change position for the button more reachable for the finger.
Thank you for considering.

You can use the back button or the swipe gesture to dismiss the screen.
Except for the beta releases so that beta users takes more time to read the beta builds changelog and what to test.

You can leave beta group on Play Store to no more receive beta builds and always be able to close with back gesture / button.