Disable Keyguard and Home screen Button

Hello all,

I’m using OnePlus 5 and I’m having this issue that whenever I have Yatse App opened in the foreground and I press the Home screen Button (which is also my Fingerprint Scanner) the phone vibrates like I’m putting the wrong finger to unlock the phone instead of minimising Yatse.

When I turn off the option Disable Keyguard, everything works as it should. It was working all good with this option turned on since v8.2

debug-20190317_174015.zip (3.2 KB)

Please try to fix this issue as it is very annoying.


This is out of Yatse control, Yatse just set flags to indicate that the window should be seen over the lockscreen.

I suppose you have updated your phone OS version and they changed something, this have not changed inside Yatse since it was implemented.

If it was due to Phone OS, then why does it happen it random times? Most of the time it’s happening and very rarely it works flawlessly. It’s very suspicious.

It started even before I got any OTA for my phone.

Then you know better Yatse code than me and Android OS :wink:

The code is

if (PreferencesManager.isKeyguardDisabled) {

Yatse does not vibrate, does not have access or can’t do anything related to what happens on the home button or fingerprint scanner.

I’m really sorry that you do not believe me, but that code have not changed since years and as said Yatse have no way to intercept home button click / fingerprint scanner.