Disable Auto Sync for Smart Sync


Is there any way of disabling auto-sync kicking off as soon as you have finished watching some content that’s synced locally with a Smart Sync rule?

There’s some times where you may not want the content to be immediately removed and replaced with a new episode - eg. you fall asleep watching something, when you wake up playback is complete and the episode is marked as watched and has been removed, or if the player crashes mid playback and marks it as watched (I’ve had this a few times with VLC). Or if you are on a slow connection and just don’t want to start a sync at that point.

If there was an option to Disable Auto Sync that would be super helpful - I’ve not found a way of preventing it if the server is reachable. Your other (awesome) app Symphonium has just such an option :slight_smile:

The auto sync option from Symfonium would have no impact on your case. The media would still be deleted as per the rule you created.

There’s no option for that, you might want to uncheck the auto delete and delete manually.

OK - thanks. I see how that could work.

If you could consider the option of having options for auto sync & manually initiated sync at some point in the future that’d be great though :slight_smile:

There’s already no automatic db sync option :wink:

And swipe down to sync :wink:

For the smart sync system and deletion, sorry but this would be counter intuitive to have something that is supposed to things automatically working manually.