Directed Broadcast option in WOL settings?

Would it be possible to add an optional setting to the WOL settings where we can set the broadcast address?

This way the magic packet can be sent as a subnet directed broadcast for users that have their kodi box on a separate network then their Yatse client? Correct configuration of routers/switches is necessary to make it routable but as it is an optional setting it can be left only for users who know what they are doing.

When leaving the optional broadcast IP blank, Yatse can keep it’s default behavior of, so it wont break any existing configs/installs.

Just a thought, as I already saw some threads here of users asking for help on WoW setups and WOL with static arp’s over VPN etc, with most of them answered as Yatse only follows the WOL standard. A Subnet Directed Broadcast is also according the WOL standard and might save some users to use extra (sometimes free and shady) WOL apps that are not updated a lot.

Me personally would rather prefer my trusted Yatse app with this functionality :slight_smile:

Sorry but if you know how to configure that you can also just enter another mac address that will do the proxy, with arp spoofing for example.
When in different networks Yatse also send a direct WOL packet that can be proxied to the IP and port.

Adding more ultra advanced configuration for something that can be done in other ways is just more work and more support for people who don’t even understand what the field is.

I already have way enough support from users that toggle the option change wallpaper image then complains that their wallpaper changes by itself :slight_smile:

Ok thanks for the info. Couldn’t hurt to ask :slight_smile:
Can you elaborate a bit more about the direct WOL packet that Yatse sends when in a different network?
How/where is it send? or is there a guide/faq page about it?


It send the magic packet to the IP and WOL port configured in host settings. This is how most WOL basic proxy works.

Of course this is more meant for external / remote usage as it require that IP to be something else than the host you want to wake up :slight_smile: (So behind a proxy).

ARP proxy is probably easier for your use case, but it’s way out of this forum support scope.

Ok perfect, thats all I needed to know.
Thanks for the fast reply :+1: