Different Random buttons

Hello, first i wanted to say i love this app, I’ve been looking for something to play my plex for a long time. the plex app has some random play buttons but the one i find i use the most is called time travel button. that would be great to have.

Since I have no idea what that button would do from the name you’ll need to be way more explicit about the actual need :slight_smile:

i think and i might be wrong but a random button based on the year of the album. this would mean i would have to fix my library though :slight_smile:

I still have no idea of what you are trying to explain :slight_smile:

Do not try to describe what you imagine the button does, but what your need is the more precisely possible.

my apologies. I would like to see a button that would play a random album based on release year. for example it would play one song from an album released in 1986 then a different album based on an album from 1995, and so forth. i hope this makes sense :slight_smile: also, it would be nice to have a feature where when you shuffle, the current song will crossfade into the next. not sure if i’m explaining it correctly, here is what i found.

I’m sorry but it’s even more unclear now :stuck_out_tongue: What is the relation between 1986 and 1995?

For crossfade this is currently not supported by the player I use.