Differences between Plex and Kodi

Good morning, I use two servers, with the same files, one plex and another kodi, however files on the plex server, the files with more than one audio or subtitle track, I can only activate them on the server or on the plex client itself to android, so it appears in Yatse, as well as I can’t use VLC as a player when the server is Plex, when the server is Kodi, everything works as expected, I recorded everything in the debug file, using the same file with Kodi and Plex.

debug-20221011_092523.zip (80.2 KB)

Next time please try to better explicit your issue it’s hard to understand what you mean…

Anyway you are transcoding your media via Bubble from Kodi and directly via Plex for Plex.

Transcoding remove unneeded tracks. If you do not want transcoding then enable the codecs in the settings.

I’m sorry, I use google translator, so let me see if I understand correctly, in both plex and kodi the Bubble is being used?

Not at all.
As written:

  • transcoding your media via Bubble from Kodi.
  • transcoding directly via Plex for Plex.

If that’s the case, why can’t I see the tracks (when there is more than one track, either audio or subtitle) when I use the plex server? And with Kodi I can?

Plex = I can’t select the tracks, in any external player I use they appear, they only appear when I go to the plex application, whether on the server or for android and activate the option.
Example: I have an episode of a series with two subtitles, one in English and one in Portuguese, if the English subtitle option is selected in plex, only the one in English that appears in yatse, I cannot select the other, changing it in the plex application, whether for smartphone or server. Not to mention that VLC can’t play any files when the server is the plex in Yatse.

Kodi= Playing the same file, shows and allows selection of all available tracks in the file, as in the example I gave above, allows switching between English and Portuguese subtitles, without touching anything in Kodi, in addition to allowing you to view the files in VLC .

Because both transcoding engine does not work the same.

Kodi does not support transcoding, so as you enabled it Bubble is used. Seems Bubble keeps all the tracks inside the transcoded media so you have access to them.

Plex support transcoding and remove unwanted tracks when transcoding to the other tracks are removed so not here so you can’t select them.
Yatse should offer a dialog to select them before playback.

In all cases to stream to VLC you DO NOT NEED TRANSCODE so as I just explained to you enabled the audio codecs in the settings to avoid transcoding (eac3,aac, dts)

Thanks, I activated these boxes in Yatse and it behaved as I expected, sorry for the inconvenience and thanks again.