(Device) Volume Keys not working outside the app

Issue description:
Maybe, since the last update the volume keys only work when I have open the app (see screen1) - the it works fine.

Outside of the app the volume keys
(of the device - Samsung S8 Android 9)
don’t work for Yatse-App.
In the notification bar of my device the Yatse-VolumeBar is missing, as well.
I could not find sth. in the options.



Additional information:

As the template says: No logs no chocolate :slight_smile:

You probably have unchecked the option publish Media Session or notification one. (You need both active)

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Sry, I forgot :wink:
debug.log (73.5 KB)
These two options where enabled. (I reset the options, may i was wrong, not).
I checked in now, again. It is still the same behavior. D


more clean logfile (without playing media)
after restart kodi
debug.log (63.2 KB)

right now, it works as it should.