Custom Commands host specific only?

Not sure if I am doing something wrong or do not understand it at all. Sorry in advance

In the past I had the same Custom Commands on all my Kodis. Now I can only see it on one of them. Even the “this host only” is not checked (on the commands)!

Since last update is it still possible to have global custom commands that can be used on all host (without adding them manually to every host)?

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No logs, no details it’s hard to tell anything except that it still works as before if you are in 9.2.5a in 9.2.5 there could be some duplicates.

Sorry but I am not sure what to provide.
I mean there is no direct bug that is reproducible. I just check my custom commands list of Kodi 1 and Kodi 2: both look different (Kodi 1 contains four items, Kodi 2 nothing). Is this because the one uses latest LibreElec and the other one CoreElec?

With logs I could answer that …

The commands are tied to Kodi major version so yes if you have one host at Kodi 17 and one at Kodi 18 they do not share the commands.

Ok, my bad. Even I read in your wiki that custom commands are related to Host/Kodi versions (a week ago), I did expect that all my Kodis use same version.

However, my CoreElec build uses 18.3 while the LibreElec still is on 17.6…

So, obviously there is no issue.

Thanks for the support.