Custom Command - Playback speed

Good evening everyone,

I tried to create a custom command after reading Yatse Custom Commands, but I’m not getting there.
Since it’s possible to vary the playback speed with my physical keyboard from 0.8x to 1.5x by pressing alt + left arrow or alt + right arrow, I would like to have that functionality with yatse as well.
According to the List of keynames - Official Kodi Wiki I figured the commands should look like this:

leftalt, right

and left for the other one.
But this didn’t work.

Can someone give me a hint regarding the syntax?



Yatse natively support atempo if you have event server on Kodi side working.

Just see the wiki How to use Yatse: Kodi remote and cast the video button is near the subtitle one.

I didn’t see that before, thank you Tolriq!