Custom Command - Key Map "Codec Info 2"

Hi folks,

Would like to make something that believe it’s simple, for those who know :slight_smile:

Want to map a key for “Codec Info 2”, info below:

Codec Info 2 (Additional info. E.g. bitrates, cache and skips/drops)
Key Map: Ctrl + Shift + O

Open to other workarounds since it works :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you all.

Import the corresponding custom command :wink:

It’s called Player debug info as it the original name they gave. Don’t know where that new Codec Info 2 name came from.

Thanks you so much @Tolriq

I’m really noob on this, can you help me further? almost step-by-step :stuck_out_tongue:


Really ?

Have you clicked that link? It is a step by step with pictures

Thanks @Tolriq

Of course clicked the link :slight_smile: yet wasn’t to understand how to keypa ctrl+shift+O

As I said, too noob here :expressionless:

It’s because as I wrote you do not need to type those…

You need to import the custom command named Player debug info exactly as told in my previous message. Press import then click that name and it’s done.

Discovered last night couple of hours later after latest post :blush:

Nonetheless, how would it be possible mapping with ctrl+shift+o?

Truly believe there’s a lot of people in the forum with same doubt, seems not being that straight forward.

You can’t and don’t need …

Your phone does not have those keys so it’s absurd to want to trigger those keys :slight_smile:

Those keys on a keyboard in Kodi start a command, command that you can start directly from Yatse. No need to try to cheat to emulate a keyboard when there’s absolutely no need for that.

It’s faster and more logical to have click A do B. Than click A emulate Z then Z on Kodi do B.