Custom command is not working


Can somebody help me?
I use Kodi 17 / libreelec 8.2.5 / Yatse
My simple custom command didn’t work anymore.
It’s just “RunScript(,0)”.
The only error i can see in logs is “Event server disabled for sendAction” .
What does it meen?
Is it some settings in last Yatse updates?
Everything else in Yatse works just fine. (4.6 KB)

And this is the issue you have disabled EventServer in the host settings so Yatse can’t send the command.

Enable it with proper Kodi side configuration and it will work.

Kodi settings “Allow remote control from applications on this system” and “Allow remote control from applications on other systems” is enabled.
How can i check that EventServer is really working on Kodi side.

I read in other post that Yatse can work without EventServer.
Can i control it? Is it an option in Yatse setting ?

Just reading what I wrote and the link I gave would have answered this :wink:

Edit your host check use eventserver press test :wink:

And yes Yatse can work without Event Server but can’t do things that only works via Event Server :wink:

Sorry, my fault. I thought this links are some ADs.

I checked/unchecked “use EventServer” in Yatse host settings.
Pressed test button in host settings.
And after that my command starts to work.

Thank you for help and for pointing me in the right direction.