Custom Command - Adding the CTRL and SHIFT key


I’m trying to create a custom command that sends “CTRL+SHIFT+O” to kodi, but I cannot find, nor have any idea how to add in the CTRL or SHIFT button key.

Please oh please can someone help me as I’m pulling my hair out at this point.
I couldn’t make head nor tail of the keymap wiki, such is the n00b I am.

Any help is massively appreciated all, thank you!

Your need is not to send the key combination but to start the command that this combination triggers :wink:

That one is already provided, just import the Player debug info custom command :wink:

Oh wow, I had no idea about that! Thank you very much.

Although, how would I send the CTRL and SHIFT key via a custom command?

You can’t and there’s no reason you should.

You are creating commands, there’s no point in trying to send a key that will trigger a command that can change on Kodi side. Directly assign the end command.

Ok, thank you for the quick response!