Create new custom command menu is empty

Hey guys.

I have the latest play store version (8.7.0) of yatse and today i wanted to add an new custom command (built in function).
When i select + -> Add from… -> media center the menu opens but is just empty, see this picture:
It should be like in this picture from the yatse wiki:
My clients are kodi 18beta3 (nightly few days before beta4).

Any hints?


Another user did report with logs so will be fixed for next release.

Can I ask why you deleted the pre filled support entry and did not provide the asked logs?

(This is a real question to see what can be done so users start to correctly use it)

Sorry, had no time to get logs.
Just want to know if its a known issue and if not i would have posted logs.

so thx for fixing.