Create a Yatse specific favourite list not stored in Kodi

From what little I understand you cant access the Favourites list in Yatse using the Movies or TV Shows sections due to limitations within Kodi itself, but using those sections in Yatse is the best way to find and discover what you want to watch so what I propose is that you have a Yatse specific Fave section or playlist stored on the Yatse device that you can then add videos to as you browse. Clicking on the video titles in the playlist allows you to play or stream the video.

I forget that I already copied here but

Anyway as said, Kodi changes items ID on rescrape so makes this complicated for library items.

Im suggesting a separate playlist or favourite list stored on the Yatse devive and linked to the Yatse library. or does that have the same id change since the Yatse library is copied from the kodi device?

Yatse database is a copy of Kodi database as those Ids are what allows me to play the items without problems :wink:

Ah ok, never mind then. It’s still a great program and very helpful to use. Thank you very much.