Could anyone provide the list of compatibile network players

Hi All,

I was just wondering could anyone please provide the list of network media players which are compatible with yatse for casting media other than kodi.


This is a strange question as it mixes sources and destinations.

Everything is explained on Play Store description. Yatse can have Local device, Kodi, Emby, Jellyfin or Plex as source and can cast to Kodi, local device, upnp, firetv, roku and limited airplay.
All that with the limitation of the sources like Kodi that can’t transcode (But Yatse can use BubbleUpnp to add this function too)

Thanks but this is a peculiar case so i will elaborate.

I have a upnp receiver but its internal media player doesn’t support too many codecs. Although it supports all codecs when connected through pc without transcoding.

So is there any upnp client (other than kodi or its forks) which can run on pc and is compatible with cast option of yatse.

I’m sorry but this still does not make much sense.

How a receiver can not support codecs but be connected to a pc and support all?

You’ll have an hard time finding something better than Kodi as a player on the PC so don’t understand what you are looking for.

Explain your needs and equipment a little more :slight_smile:

Onkyo tx nr 708 has an inbuilt dlna/upnp player which doesn’t support mka files.
Which can contain dts-hd aur true hd etc.

Ok one thing i’d like to ask. When i use jellyfin i can connect to any device from which i have signed on to using jellyfin whether it is kodi/mpv/browser/android/apple Could that be integrated in yatse.

Think of all the devices i can cast to using jellyfin.

Supported Audio File Formats for upnp server playback.
For server playback, the AV receiver supports the following music file formats: MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC, Ogg
Vorbis, AAC and LPCM. Not all servers support all formats.

I’m sorry but I still do not understand your issue Yatse support Jellyfin and can transcode when necessary.
I still have not understood what you want to cast from where.
It seems Jellyfin does fit your needs so you might want to use it and not use Yatse.

Their app is not meant for music.
So i just want to use yatse to cast music on a media player running in my pc
which is any media player which shows in yatse casting option.

Other than kodi.

I don’t see the relation with your onkyo and from what.

But on a PC without knowing the OS it’s again hard to tell anything other than use Kodi. Else anything that can act as upnp client.

That’s why i asked list of players.
Let me know about windows And Linux.