Controls for mpchc in kodi

Hi, I am using this app a few years ago and I have used it with internal player on kodi and I am very satisfied with it. But nowadays I use the mpchc player external, and cannot use the interface of controls of player like stop, play, pause etc. I’d like you to add this feature of controls for mpchc as external player in kodi.

Thank you

It’s already here …

Yes, It works, the only thing it doesn’t work is the mute key

Then open an issue with logs :slight_smile:

I have done what the instructions say in MPC-HC… Now what? How do I make Yatse open and control MPC-HC?

Yatse opens kodi, and once you launch the player mpchc, then you can manage it with yatse. You only have to do what says in the manual posted in this thread

I get that, but can I make Yatse launch MPC-HC as the default player? I can’t just press ‘play’ on a movie selection with Yatse because that will cause KODI to use it’s built-in player.
Right now, I’d have to go into Kodi’s movie view, Select a wall, select a movie and then the context menu, then “play using…” and then, finally, MPC-HC. I guess what I’m asking is that I’d like to change Yatse’s default play button to be MPC-HC.

Also, can I simply open MPC-HC and control it without having to go through KODI? IOW, go directly to MPC-HC, and find a file to play using MPC-HC’s menu, without using KODI?