Concurrent plex downloads

Hi I’ve just bought Yatse and its great, it has everything I’ve been looking for, the only thing I haven’t found is the possibility to choose how many files to download at the same time, i.e if I download a season only 1 episode at a time gets downloaded, is it possible to increase them?

You can’t but Yatse already maximize the transfer so it’s actually 95% of the time faster to download 1 by 1 than multiple at the same time.

The problem with this is that I have a gigabit connection, but the server I’m downloading from has a cap of 40mbps per episode, so by downloading 1 at a time I’m basically capped at 40mbps

Ho yes totally forget that Plex can do that :frowning: Yatse is still mainly build around Kodi possibilities.

I’ll change this to a feature request, but no promise.

Actually it is not really a Plex native feature, but many server owners put Emby/Plex behind nginx to enforce this kind of limits

Those are for have many “users” and share servers :wink: When they do that they usually also limit the number of concurrent downloads per IP else limitation is useless.

Will be present in a future release.

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