Chromecast issue

As of late, when I stream Chromecast in my bedroom, when watching, it get blocks across my screen. A lot of the time they are green, sometimes black, but it’s basically like half the image pauses and until the scene.

I have tested the files on other players and no issues. Any tricks I could try?

It’s either wifi network that is too slow or the files that are encoded in a way that Chromecast does not really support.

Unfortunately nothing to do on Yatse side as the data goes directly from Kodi to Chromecast.
You can try the option force upnp streaming in case it’s an issue with Kodi webserver in a recent update.

On all movies? I just tested Wifi and connection is solid.

Connection between Kodi and Chromecast, as I said Yatse is not involved at all in the rendering or playing of the media once started.

Please try the force UPnP option as I told you as it can be an issue on Kodi web server and Yatse will use another one from Kodi, but that’s all that Yatse can do :frowning:

Ok, thank you, I will try this evening.