Choose version before playback or force host offline toggle


Would it be possible either to implement a ‘force host offline’ option, or allow the user to choose the local version for playback when pressing play for cached media? There appears to be a popup which appears for a split second then vanishes which allows this already…

Use case:

I travel a lot for work. I have transcoded shows synced in Yatse from Emby to my tablet, which I can watch offline.

When I get to a hotel, often there’s poor internet access - my Emby server is accessible, however the connection isn’t fast or stable enough to remote stream. It appears that Yatse sees the server as being online, so prefers the remote stream even though there’s a local copy available.

Often I travel with a Chromecast, so cannot just disconnect from wifi as it would break casting.

I can work around it with messing around with my router to block access and force the host offline, but a toggle within Yatse would be much easier :slight_smile:


Please provide logs, local copy should always be used when playing locally even if the host is accessible.

Logs provided via email.

2022-09-23 12:14:40.377 Verbose/StreamActivity: Starting local stream of resolved media: file:///
2022-09-23 12:14:40.386 Verbose/StreamActivity: Starting media: file:/// - RemoteMediaItem(source=MediaItem{externalId='1709bcab18d400b689b586f992347e45', mediaType=Episode, file='/mnt/Jon-TV/12_Monkeys/Season 2/12 Monkeys - 2x08 - Lullaby - 720p WEB-DL.mkv', title='Lullaby'}, url='file:///', urlIncludeResumePoint=false, selectedMediaVersion=null)

Local copy is properly used, the playing is reported if the server is up for proper stats on both sides.

Hm - OK. I’ll check again next time I travel and get debug logs, it definitely seemed to be causing issues last time round…

Thanks for your help…