Chapter Support for Matroska Files


I am using chapters in Matroska Video and Audio files with track names for concerts etc.
It would be great if Yatse can give direct access to the tracks using chapters.

Thanks for this great tool!


Please explain better the need. Yatse does not play the videos so it’s up to the players to support that.

Furthermore since you tagged Kodi, Kodi API does not send the information so I can’t get it, limiting what could in theory be done.


I control my Kodi installation using Yatse. And Yatse is able to switch between different audio streams, subtitles etc. in Matroska files. Chapters are muxed along with the other streams into Matroska files and marked start and length of a track/block inside the mkv or mka file and give them (useful) names.
Is this information not available to Yatse?


No it’s not exposed to JSON :frowning:

Thanks for checking anyway.