Change Renderer/Chromecast ID for Tasker

Issue description: I don’t fully understand this documentation.

Logs: Yatse doesn’t write any logs while I’m testing this, even with debugging turned on.

Screenshots: N/A

Additional information:

I am trying to write a task in Tasker that starts casting to a Chromecast device. My understanding is that the Change Renderer command should do that. My big issue is that I don’t think I really understand the syntax. Trying to look it up has not helped.

My understanding is that the tasker plugin “Select renderer” should take a string param “6: (chromecast id)”, but that doesn’t accomplish anything.

I’ve tried a few things, but I’ll admit I’m not actually sure what the Chromecast ID is. I’ve tried the name, the 32 character code Yatse shows, and the device’s MAC address to no success.

Any help on properly writing the syntax and finding the Chromecast ID would be appreciated.

Yatse always generate logs :slight_smile:

And the ID is the number that Yatse shows in the manage player screen.

Thanks, but that absolutely wasn’t helpful.

My attempts to this still haven’t shown any logs. It seems that doing things through tasker aren’t generating logs.

Also, you haven’t helped me on figuring out how many digits a chromecast ID is, or on where to find it.

For the second time logs are generated for everything including tasker …

Just press the red button and send them to support.

Then I have told you exactly where to find that ID in the manage player screen…

And to finish as the message in general sections says I’m not at home so can’t tell how many numbers are in the ID but with the mandatory logs I would have already given you the exact value you need …

So please try to read what I write so I don’t regret doing support during my holidays for someone who do not read yet dare to tell I’m not helpful…

I’m sorry. I was out of line and rude the other day, my response certainly wasn’t fair and I apologize for being an ass.

That said, I wasn’t lying when I said I’m not getting logs. As far as I can tell, Yatse really is not generating logs, or if it is, its not saving them where it tells me it is.

Here’s the toggle, and where is says logs should be stored., here’s the pane telling me debug mode is on, and here’s where the logs should be stored.

I’ve tried turning off and re-enabling debug mode several times, restarting the phone, re-installing Yatse, and still haven’t found a log file (I’ve tried searching the entire Android filesystem for ‘debug.log’ as well, just in case). Yatse has storage permissions.

I hope I’m missing something, because right now I’m at a loss.

As a side note to the apparent logging issue, I have solved my Change Renderer issues, so that at least makes logs for this a moot point.

FAQ explains why file can be unseen :slight_smile: Anyway when you uncheck the option or press the red button in left menu it offers to send logs by mail so you do not even have to search for them.